Share your ghost story now

The ghosts are in the house, in the world, and in your brain.

Chances are strong you or someone you know has had an encounter with those who walk between this world and the next.    This is your invitation to share it.

Go ahead, scare us.  Please.  We like to be scared.

My personal Ghost Story

My personal Ghost Story


38 Responses to “Share your ghost story now”

  1. This one has been driving me insane…
    My parents used to live in this OLD OLD house. My mom actually saw a little boy there one day in the corner of her eye. She looked…he was gone.
    At night they couldn’t sleep because this boy would stand INSIDE of the closet and KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK the frak out of the walls.
    He only stops when you say to.

  2. Kate Valentin Says:

    When I was 12, I visited Abraham Lincoln’s house. I took pictures because, well, it fascinated me! I’m now 18 but when I took those pictures, a month later I realized that in the children’s room, a purple, almost transparent, orb was in front of the bed. It was darker around the edges, so on. If I ever get a chance, I will show you my ghost pics. Very creepy! I’ve also taken more at abandoned houses, which nobody has lived in for at least 50 years. No windows, no sunlight, no flash on the camera. Two pictures taken, and in the bottom window, two lights. Like…something was holding a flashlight in the house as I took the pictures. These lights were not there when I took them. There will be more ghost stores from me! Please…reply. I would like to know what you say! I LOVE ghost stories and I’m EXTREMELY interested in the paranormal. Infact, my dad lived in a 100 year old house and my mom would see a little boy would stand in the room with her. At night, he would stand in the closet and knock on the walls. I’ve tried to find this kid and who he is…nothing. It’s like he never existed.

  3. i recently moved in with my friend for school. about 2 nights ago i was sleeping on the floor of her parents were carrying a videroom and i had a dream. in this dream her parents and i were in the living room of the house. her parents had a camera and have been talking to this one ghost for a couple of nights. His name was Daniel. but he would get mad at them and he would scream at her parents because that wasnt actually his name. thats when i asked him what was his name was. he told me to guess. so i asked does it start with an “N”? he said “yes”. then i guess “Nick”. thats when the basement doors flew open and i heard a faint whisper that said “meet me downstairs”. i didnt go. later on still in the dream. i was sitting in the living room on the couch. the ghost “nick” came in on a wheelchair, he was old. he stopped and looked at me and his face changed characters meaning different people. i dont know why. i woke up in the morning and that night i told my friends mom about my dream and this is what she said. “that’s weird because someone died in this house, and there used to be an elevator in this house for an old man in a wheelchair”. i knew there was an elevator in the house already. but i didnt know the old man was in a wheelchair. we don’t know what his name was. and i dont know what all this means. to be continued….

  4. this happend last night i was on the phone to my girlfriend and i started hearing weird things like tapping on the window ( i didnt pay attention to it i thought it was the metal shrinking cause it was a hot day ) and then it went away for a bit and then i heard it at the dorr and i said who is it but there was no answer so i thought it was my little brother or sister playing a game but they had schoola dn were fast asleep ( hence being 12 at night ) and then i heard really loud banging on my door the whole door was shaking and i asked my girlfriend did u hear that and she said hear what and i was my door just banged like 6 times sounded like gun shots it was that loud and at that point she had to go cause she had school so i decided to stay awake a bit longer to reassure that no1 was awake or anything and yes everyone was after checking and searching the whole house so i went to my room and locked the door jumped into bed and fell asleep and at about 3-4 ( not sure of the time but was sure between that time ) a stone cold hand grabbed me foot trying to pull me off the bed i screamed and turned on the light to see that there was noting my window was locked my door was locked and nothing at all was in my room so i rubbed my soar ancle and it felt like it has been in a bucket of ice for hours and im scared to go back to sleep is there anything i can do for me to be safe or get rid of it?

  5. well this was freaky at school it was morning tea and we were walking around and my friend saw a black fog and she said it was this black guy who has sharp teeth and grabs you and you cant move then your trapped and he turns into you but hes not actually and we believed her because she kept on stopping and couldnt move then she kept on escaping she said it might of been going after her because of her sister, her sister saw a ghost and started kicking her. but at lunch i went to the library and read a book about ghosts with my friends and my friend lauren had haunted hotels and in a room a ghost was jealos of a lady so the spirit started plling her hair:D and also every halloween employees put wiskey in a room that was haunted and the next morning it was gone!
    i shoud stop talking now hope you liked my story!

    p.s luckily you werent me it was freaky!

  6. okay so when I was 14 I was sitting on the couch watching TV, and I felt a hand on my arm and I saw a white-ish green woman standing up in front of me saying, “We must leave now, child. Before the Nazis come for us!” I then heard knocking and them she dissapeared. I stood up and went outside, no one was there. then a week later I heard a faint screaming from my bathroom. I went in there and the shower was running, but no one was there. a another week later I saw a kid about 4 years old and he said to me, “Get out while you can miss!” I said back to him, “What’s wrong?” he looked away and left the room. I moved from that house and never went back. That’s my ghost story!

  7. my mom told me when i was little they lived in a flat where many people complained about ghosts…
    well, one night when my mother and father where asleep they suddenly felt something weird on the bed, like something walking on the bed… so my mother sat up and saw that it was a white cat so she woke up my dad to tell him there was a cat in their room. when they got up to turn the light on the cat was gone so they checked if the window or the door was open but everything was locked so when they got into bed and turned the lights of the cat was there, on the bed!….

  8. My name is Stephanie. I am 23 years old. Well, My Husband & I have been living in our apartment for 3 years now. We have 3 little girls. They are destiny is 4, Madison is 3 & June is 6 months old. Many strange things have been occurring in our apartment since I was pregnant with my baby june. The first thing is that My Older Daughter’s destiny and Madison had to sleep in the same crib because My oldest destiny broke hers. Well one night me & my husband were sleeping and I woke up suddenly and looked over to my daughter’s crib and I saw someone standing up at the edge of the crib looking at us. At first I thought it was my oldest daughter destiny because whatever it was seemed to have the same tall, skinny features as my daughter. I got up to get her to lie back down, but when I did get up I looked in the crib and both my babies were covered and fast asleep. The second incident was again in the middle of the night. My youngest daughter June was 2 months old, and I had gone to bed early. My Husband stayed up late watching t.v. in the living room, and didn’t want to wake any of us up so slept on the couch. well, at this point we had just bought my daughter destiny her toddler bed, and Madison still slept in her crib. well, I had suddenly awoke, and I saw what at the time was my daughter Destiny get off her bed, and went over to Madison’s crib and was looking in there. I got up and was going to get mad at her because I didn’t want her to wake Madison up. When I got to her bed I saw that she was covered and fast asleep. It freaked me out. My Husband didn’t believe me. Than we were standing by our breakfast bar about 10 pm talking, and he stopped what he was saying and went to the bathroom. He came back pale, and said your not going to believe it. He said he thought he saw Destiny go into the bathroom, and went in there and no one was there. He said he was going to get mad at her because she was suppose to be asleep, and when he went in there Destiny was fast asleep. He said, “I swear I saw a little girl go in the bathroom.” Whatever it is seems to be attracted to Destiny because all the times that we have seen this thing it always is around her. We have even mistaken it for our daughter. The weirdest part is that my brother in law came to bring my nephew over to play with my daughters, and I was taking pictures of all of them. On one of the pictures there was an orb, and i had took a picture a second before that and there was nothing there. All in all whatever it is, is seriously freaking me out.

  9. I was staying in Manresa Castle (which is a mansion/hotel in a small town in Washington), and I’d heard many stories about how it was haunted. My friends and I decided to stay in the “haunted” room, which ended up being a great choice. They fell asleep, but I was wide awake.

    Throughout the night, I heard footsteps and saw strange lines of light on the ceiling (we weren’t on the side of the mansion facing the road), and even had my arm pushed on lightly! The strangest thing that happened though was when the blanket and sheets were pulled down neatly off of my friend and I.

    They were pulled all the way down to our knees, and my friend was completely asleep. I highly recommend visiting this hotel! It has been featured on multiple television shows as well.

  10. When I was 13 I lived in this ranch home in Delaware. Since I was 13, I was allowed to live in the basement, where it was more private. The basement bedroom was the best. No one ever bothered me. I am the type of person who enjoys fresh air even when it is cold outside so more often then not, I would leave the basement window open. These are the regular basement windows that can only be opened from the inside and they are half windows.

    A couple of times, I know I left the window open and I would wake up and the window be closed. I know the wind couldn’t close it nor could my parents close it since they would never come into my room. It was just one of those weird things that don’t really have a good explanation.

  11. I lived in a house that was over a 100 years old. This house was yellow and sat in a part of town that was also very old. Many times when I would be home alone and the cat would be right next to me, I could hear what sounded like foot steps creeping up the stairs. I knew this wasn’t just plain house settling because it really sounded like foot steps.

    Also while I was in the living room, I used to see glints of light that flickered orange and white. I know I am not the only who saw this because the boyfriend also mentioned the weird lights out of the corner of his eyes.

    I always wanted to know who lived in that house before I did and perhaps maybe some body died there.

  12. It happened in my office last few weeks ago.

    A colleague of mine who always work late, mostly around 8 to 9pm asked me why am I trying to open her door so harshly the other day. She claimed that she heard someone who wore high heel walking passed by her door, somehow she couldn’t see the face clearly as the light at the corridor wasn’t bright enough. In fact, I told her that I left office sharp at 6.30pm due to having appointment with my husband.

    The following days, we decided to check through our CCTV to find out who is the culprit for that. Guess what, we saw nothing but just a blur shadow on the rewind record. Since that incident, none of us are working late then.

    Believe it or not but it’s all truth.

  13. When I was li’l, our compound got tall trees. 2 mango, 1 acacia, 2 santol, and 1 narra. Someone had told my aunt that a spirit had been living in the acacia tree, that somewhat brings illness to their family.

    One night, when there’s a brown out, my aunt went to our house when we are all laying down in our bed. She had her hair messed up, and eyes were big and wide. I am so scared that I am really catching up my breath. Finding it hard to breath, I cried.

  14. A few years ago one of my friends asked Teri and I to house-swap with him for a cheap vacation option. His house was a very nice, old house; full of character. We readily agreed to the swap. He warned us that the house was haunted, but we just laughed at him. We didn’t believe in ghosts!

    The first night we slept there we made sure that the house was locked up tight. We turned the thermostat down to a nice, comfortable 68 degrees (good sleeping temperature, and it was winter after all, so we wanted to save energy.) We woke up about 1am, sweating like we were in a sauna! I went to look at the thermostat and it had been turned up to the highest it could go! I kow Teri didn’t do that because she is the one who likes to sleep in a cool room!

  15. When I was a newlywed, my hubby and I moved into a house that was over a hundred years old. I am convinced that house was haunted. One day I was sitting in the living room, reclining on the sofa reading a book while my hubby was playing one of his favorite albums on his fancy and expensive turntable. He had a thing about never playing the record twice in one day, saying it wore down the grooves on the record. He left the room for a few minutes and while he was gone the record had stopped playing and the arm swung back to it’s resting position and the stereo turned off. I remained on the sofa reading, not caring if there was music or not. About five minutes later the stereo turned on by itself and started playing that same record again! Right about that same time my hubby returned to the room and started to scold me for playing that record a second time! I was totally freaked out and told him that I hadn’t moved from my seat; that our ghost must have turned it back on! Of course he accused me of lying, but that really is what happened!

  16. I used to see animal spirits all the time as a child, until my little cat got run over by a car. I looked over to see her under my bureau. She still looked as she did when we buried her, only iridescent, and it frightened me. I forced myself not to see animal spirits any more after that.
    My great-grandfather saw ghosts all the time. However, I have only seen one human spirit, when I was sixteen years old. He was the father of a boy I babysat for. He died of leukemia when he was 35. One night while the boy was sleeping, I heard noises in the basement such as doors closing. I went down, carrying a kitchen knife for protection. No one was there. I came back upstairs, put the knife away, and went into the living room. The man was sitting in his favorite chair. I wasn’t scared, but I was surprised. I said, “George?” He smiled at me, and then his wife came home and he disappeared.
    Although I have only seen one ghost, I can sense earthbound human spirits. The co-author of my own book is such a spirit. He committed suicide 18 years ago. It has been interesting to me to learn that spirits continue to mature in their attitude and aspect. He was 22 when he died and would be 40 now. His demeanor is more that of a 40 year old than of a 22 year old. He has done a lot of healing and learning in his time on the other side.

  17. When I was a teenager, we lived in a house that definitely had some bizarre occurrences. My brother swore the basement was haunted by the ghost of a little girl who would ask him to play with her. I ended up in his room after he moved out with my baby son in the room down the hall. I’d often hear him babbling and laughing over the baby monitor as if someone was there with him. He’d also often stare off into the corner of a room or whatever like he could see something that I couldn’t. Our cat acted much the same way and would stare at the same areas.

    One day, when my son and I were home alone, I could hear footsteps upstairs. It sounded like someone was walking around and opening kitchen cupboards and rattling the dishes. I thought our house was being burglarized and immediately called the neighbours to come over. They had a key and let themselves in only to discover that my baby and I were the only ones in the house!! Some of the kitchen drawers and cupboard doors were open though…

  18. One ghost story that my kids love to hear about is when Grandpa and Grandma moved into their first house together. My dad had purchased the house from an old widow. Each night, my parents heard noises in the bedroom. Finally after about a week of hearing strange sounds, my dad sat straight up in bed and said in a loud voice: “She doesn’t live here anymore. She moved out and we moved in. Go away!” They never heard another sound from that house. I’ve written more about my experiences with ghosts and the Ouija Board at Be sure to check it out!

  19. One day as children our ball went into the crazy neighbor’s yard. Two of us were bold enough to climb the fence and get it. The dog saw us through the wind and begin barking and pawing at the glass. The chicken’s house became alarmed and all the chickens began to cackle. There was a rake on the porch and the all the ruckus made it fall over with a thud when it hit the ground. The screen door to the house whipped open and an image was fast approaching from the hall. The closer it became the faster it seemed to move. We were frozen in time could not move forward or back. Then when the image appeared it was holding a kitchen knife that had to be 24 inches long. When the image raised it above her head the sun beamed off it creating a blinding effect. We never got the ball we ran and jumped back over the fence as fast as we could. Our friends that were waiting said they heard nothing and when we looked back through the fence it was as if it never happened.

  20. One summer’s day I heard some noises coming from the upstairs bedroom. Noises like someone was rocking in the rocking chair we kept up there. And a sound like someone humming! It was odd because my wife and I were the only ones in the house! My wife heard the noises too, and she insisted that we go upstairs to investigate it. Our dogs were totally spooked and refused to go upstairs with us, which was odd because they usually go everywhere we go, including upstairs!

    When we got upstairs, we looked around and saw nothing but the regular furnishings, but the rocking chair WAS rocking slightly, as if someone had just gotten out of the chair. I told my wife that there must be a logical explanation, but the windows were closed and there was no breeze from any source. My wife, however, said that it just HAD to be a ghost that had been sitting in the chair, rocking it!

  21. It happened last month… I was in that point between asleep and awaken when I heard a noise in my room and through the sheets (I normally sleep all covered from top to toes) I saw a figure with the same silhouette of my brother close to my computer´s desk. At that moment I thought with myself: “He is probably looking for cigarettes… better show him where they are.”

    My first move was to take the sheets away to wake up and show him where the cigarettes were. But the thing is when I put the sheets out there was nobody there.

    It was strange but then I woke up and walked the house to see where he had gone. When going to his bedroom I saw he was there in deep sleep.

    At that moment I feit no ground under my feet cause my mother always said to me that my daddy (he died of a car accident one month before I be born) was exactly like this brother of mine if he was black, same body type, same face…

    I couldn´t sleep anymore after that, it was about 4 am.

    When the morning came I commented the happening with my mother and she said that it must have been my daddy´s visit to see if everything was ok with me :-O

  22. I was driving home from work one night and saw what appeared to be a woman on the side of the road dressed in a white gown. It looked like a wedding gown. The woman didn’t look to see if traffic was coming and walked across the road (I had to hit my brakes hard to avoid hitting her) and then she walked right through a guard railing and vanished!

  23. offensivebehaviortv Says:

    I remember when I was about 12yrs old. Me and a few friends where playing Wiji Board. We where asking stupid questions and all the sudden the lights in the room went off. We all ran outside, and I never touched a Wiji Board again!

  24. ever since i was a little girl i’ve known that were lived in a haunted place. i have always been very sensitive to them and i can feel them move around me. not just my home was haunted, but this entire town that i live in.

    one specific story that i remember from childhood, i was about 7 or 8, every night before i went to bed, i could hear the sound of horses outside my room. we did live in the country but none of the surrounding fields contained horses and none of them were close enough to my room for me to hear them as if they were right out side. when i was little, i was told i had an overactive imagination, however several years later, i had some friends over night, and they too heard the horses that i had always heard outside my window.

    other instances have included hearing the distinct sound of my grandfather’s foot steps down the hallway of his home a week after his furneral (he walked with a crutch for balance which made a very specific clink noise from the metal cuff under his arm, so it was not just footsteps but footsteps and that noise.. his crutch was hanging on a hook in the basement at the time that this happened.

    i really enjoy reading ghost stories and seeing what has happened to other people. i plan to keep checking on this blog!

  25. I’m actually still kind of waiting for my son’s room to show SOME signs of ghost activity. His great-grandmother died of lung cancer in that room a year and a half before he was even born. I don’t know if I’m ever going to tell him about that though, at running the risk of scaring him. 😛

  26. Well I’m not sure if this would actually qualify or not but it was weird. I happen to love fairies so I collect them. This includes fairy dolls. One of them has wings that lights up if you touch the back. There were a few days when the thing would light up by itself at around the same time. No one was near it because it was just sitting on the bookshelf. I can’t explain it and it never happened after those few times.

  27. I must have a very friendly ghost, because Bandit Queen does not even bark when it visits.

  28. I have had many experiences with ghosts and would love to write a whole article to compliment your link and introduction to your site. My most recent encounter with a ghost was a haunted mattress that we owned. I think it was the spirit of a pet (cat or dog), that would jump on the mattress at least once a week in the middle of the night. Both my husband and I would feel the pressure of something at the foot of the bed. We had a pet cat and often our young daughters would crawl in bed, so initially, we just thought it was one of them. But there was never anyone at the foot of the bed. And the weird thing is, we actually moved to a different house, and the spirit followed the bed! We don’t have that mattress anymore. We got a new one and put that one by the curb. Someone picked it up before the trash ran. I wish I knew if the mattress spirit visits the new owners as well.

  29. WhiteFang Says:

    My fave ghost story (didn’t happen to me) was about a little boy who was out with his mother and saw some man ride past on a bike, he remember it because the man was staring at him and looked really freaked out. 30 years later the little boy was grown up and was riding down the road on his bike and went past a little boy who looked just like he did when he was young. They both looked at each other and the man got really freaked out.

  30. So many times when I was working from my old office I would see a woman at the window when I left late at nigh. She would be just staring out at me from the 6th floor. It was from one of the rooms in our offices and I didn’t recognize her or often there was nobody left in the office. I don’t know if someone died there but the offices were around 80 years old.

  31. I lived in a house where there was a high pitched sound that traveled around my bedroom at night. Kind of like it was a mosquito flying around by the sound was very loud and you could tell where it was coming from, but you couldn’t see it. It would come right up to you them move away quickly. I tried to grab it and nothing happened. Then it would just randomly stop.

    It went on for years happening every few weeks and nobody could work it out. We turned of the electricity when it happened, lent out of the window to see if it was someone outside, everything we could think of. Just plain strange.

  32. We have a ghost in our present house, it brings the smell of cigarrette smoke when it comes. No windows in our family room, we don’t smoke or allow smokers in our house, the previous owners are non-smokers, yet when this one visits he/she brings smoke!

    Also we have a gray man that three of us have seen at the top of the stairs and down stairs, my husband collects millitaria and we think he brought someone home with him.

    Our last rental, we were leaving, cleaning and moving. We lived a year there, no real problems with electricity, we plugged in our vaccuum and the sparks came out of the wall down stairs, the light bulb blew out in the back room as we were cleaning there, as we were leaving, we turned on the back door light, and the ghost blew that one out too! My husband said don’t look back when we leave we aren’t taking her with us when we leave!

  33. […] has started a blog, where anyone with an internet connection can post their own stories of hearing, feeling, seeing or experiencing ghosts or ghostly […]

  34. I have been lucky (or unlucky enough) not to have had any experience that I can remember, but I’m very interested and am pretty impatient for it to happen already! 🙂 Anyone know of an awesome haunted house in Pretoria, South Africa? 🙂

    Anyway, there’s a link coming your way! 🙂

  35. Wow – very cool! I will definitely make sure to come back and tell some of my ghostly goings on.

    Good luck with the site!

  36. My Grandma told me that when she was a kid she had tiles on the kitchen floor that had a stain like face appear on them. Her mother tried to clean it off the eyes and mouth opened as if it was screaming and she ran out of the house, when she came back the eyes and mouth had closed. They could not clean it off and the stain kept getting darker and scarier. They pained over it and also tiled over it with plastic tiles.

  37. arika728 Says:

    From the time I was twelve years old until i was seventeen, I lived in a cape-cod style house where my bedroom was part of what had once been the attic, all slanted ceilings, eaves, etc. The room seemed strange from the beginning; during the winter, inch-thick ice formed on the insides of the windows no matter what insulation tricks were tried. I often felt as if I was in a fog when I spent lots of time in the room, like my thinking was cloudy and I was moving in slow motion.

    One afternoon, I felt myself falling into a kind of trance or dream state. I was sitting on the edge of my bed and felt unable to move. I don’t know how long I sat there spacing out, but suddenly I felt ice-cold fingers on the underside of my left upper arm. The icy touch jolted me out of my hazy state and I rubbed my arm where I had felt the fingers, looking around, but nobody was there. I put the incident out of my mind, chalking it up to my imagination.

    The next day, I was putting books into my locker at school, and my friend asked what had happened to my arm. I lifted my left arm, and there were four distinct purple bruises there, as if left by fingers.

    This turned out to be only the beginning of my bizarre experiences in this room. More to come…

  38. YAY ghost story blog!!!!

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